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We realize high-tech automatization concepts for Enterprises aimed to grow. We also know a thing or two about robotics, engineering & design.

From idea to concept

We don't just build whatever comes our way. The first step is to hand-pick only the best projects. And then no matter how good the idea sounds or how confident our client is, we put the product through a rigorous vetting process, polishing and streamlining the idea along the way. Only then, are we ready to start designing and building anything.

State of the art production

Good ideas incite perfect execution. One of the most important application areas for automation technology is manufacturing. With a combination of proven industrial components and our superior engineering team, Crea-Tech has created a wide range of top-level machines, which are known to be extremely reliable.

Building a relationship

For us a machine can be perfect when it's finished. Our relationship with our clients however, is never finished. Crea-tech likes to see her clients as partners; sharing the same vision and help accomplish their goals. We think there's always room for more innovation and new things. So don't forget to share your ideas!

A few recent projects

The difference between success and failure is a great team.

Since 2006 Crea-Tech and Spisa AB, have been working together. Spisa was looking for a better and efficient way to sleeve and pack multiple herbs. Crea-Tech developed a unique packing line with the 'Herb Brothers' as key players. The brothers are three herb pot sleeving machines with a speed of 2000 strokes per hour.

They harmoniously empty the transport tray, sleeve the potted herbs and fill the packing tray.  Each one has a unit of 2 sleeve storage compartments, the sleeve storage and funnel are adjustable for the right sleeve length. 

  • Speed of 2000 strokes per hour
  • Can add more sleeves while the machines are running.
  • Smarter, easier and faster
  • Teamwork, no human can compete with


Meet the brothers!

A few recent projects

At Bunnik Vriesia's, Crea-tech employed two of the finest pick & place robots out there. Built with strength and endurance, Bromelia & Guzmania handle anything that comes their way.

Fast and Precise

Bromelia and Guzmania, named after monocot flowering plants, are designed to handle these kind of situations because of their controlled handling to avoid damage.

Strength and reach

No challenge is too big for this dynamic duo. With arms stretching twice their height, they are able to take on jobs that would be out of most's reach.


In order to maximize output, they sometimes like the speed up the process on the assembly line. Unlike most heavy duty machines, their unique build allows them to be quick and precise with minimal error.


In a synchronized fashion, the duo works together to fill a full tray of 6 plants in only a few seconds. As an extension of your team, Bromelia & Guzmania will help you get all your jobs accomplished in lightning speed time.


See the duo at work


A few recent projects

Some say and believe, ‘’there is a reason for everything’’. We believe it when we see it and especially when we get to manufacture it. This is exactly what happened when we created Bolt.

He got his name due to his speed, and because he is handling hydro cloth.

Bolt is built on a skid frame, which in this case, placed next to our customers box machine.

The purpose why he has a reason to go up in the morning, is to fully automatically place a hydro cloth on top of the herbs inside the boxes they are packed in. When the box machine is slower, he will automatically move slower. When he notices that the box machine moves faster, he will speed up.

The relationship between Bolt and the box machine, was love at first sight. 

  • Automated speed adjustment

A few recent projects

Long, tall and strong

We got challenged by a customer, he needed a machine with high capacity and smooth movement for his current situation. He came to us for a solution. We introduced Long John. Long John is an extended pot robot, filling and picking on the long side of growing containers.
  • Speed: 218 strokers per hour
  • Capacity: 5000 plants per hour
  • Can handle different pot sizes


See John in action!

About us

Cees van der Laan needed to find a suitable job to take care of his family of 17. While that was a job in itself, Cees found himself starting an Air Swing business at the local fair. Little did he know, this would give way to the start of something much bigger than swings.

Shortly after, Cees was the owner of three additional Air Swings which also needed proper trucks to transport them from town to town. Paul, one of Cees’s nine sons, was driving one of these trucks at night. At day he would seek out new rides at fairs all around the country. Occasionally, one of the old trucks would break down but before sending it to the garage, Paul would always take a look at it first to see if he could fix it. 

Paul developed a technical know-how by taking everything apart and trying to locate the problem. He would drive to Eindhoven to the Dutch Truck Factory (DAF) to gain knowledge in where to look and how to fix any issues he came across. Paul always said, “If you don’t try, you can’t fix anything!”


Paul took an opportunity to work in the UK mounting central heating in Greenhouses throughout the UK and USA. Later love, marriage and children made him want to stay in Holland more.

In Horticulture he noticed growers were beginning to change to more industrial pot plant factories, yet most were still working with traditional nursery equipment.

Paul saw this gap as an opportunity to launch CreaTech in 1998. After relocating back to Holland, Paul started his mission to create more control over the production process aiming towards less maintenance, increased innovation and industrial automation. Fast-forward to today, CreaTech has grown to be a leading innovator in the Horticulture industry. Customers have become partners by sharing ideas and creating new solutions together.


We believe that automation only leads to more labor, contributing to a better nature by producing faster and more effecient and grow faster. Humans will still be needed in the workforce: the total productivity gains will only come about if people work alongside machines. That in turn will fundamentally alter the workplace, requiring a new degree of cooperation between workers and technology. Growth is the result of working together.


What an interesting and impressive visit in the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital !!

Let's start at the beginning, Paul van der Salm (a client of ours) supported his friend who died too soon, Mr. Ronald Moerings, who set up his own foundation to contribute the cancer research at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital.

With a very solid set up, starting with a bank account directly at the hospital, so that there is not a penny wasted, secondly all companies who participate, were also asked to find a new sponsor in their own customer/supplier area, and in this way create a snowball effect, and we (Henk and Annemarie Peek, Paul and Jose van der Laan) went to hospital on Friday, and we were warmly welcomed, and after everyone was gathered while enjoying a cup of coffee, the tour could start with the theme: prostheses in the face after tumour(s) have been removed surgically. 


First of all, we got a nice explanation of the use of 3D printers to be able to produce accessories that serve as a connection (for example in the jaw) and so to make it really functional with real bone (from the fibula). Then we went to the face prosthesis department which was very impressive, it sounds scary but if you're in the boat you only want one thing, and that is survive, even if it is without, nose, eye or ear !!  And there they make beautiful prostheses that almost cannot distinguish from real! and  they give these patients a liveable life again.

Createch is proud that we could contribute to this !!

The financial facts of 2018 are:

We together as companies group have € 110,483.50 !!
The friends of cyclists have raised € 22.000, - !!

Now we are looking for a company that wants to participate in the following year!


The robots are coming, are you ready to join us? Join the Crea-Tech team and help realise the latest robotics, mechatronics and automatisation for the insdustrial product and process handling.


Hightech Machines & Robotsystemen

Service Specialist

Elektrobesturing & Mechatronica


Als hoofdmonteur bij Crea-Tech ga je hightech machines en robotsystemen op locatie installeren en in bedrijf stellen, zowel binnen als buiten Nederland. Je werkt mechanisch en elektrisch en helpt mee aan de opbouw van machines in onze workshop in Aalsmeer. Je draait mee in de storingsdienst en stuurt een klein projectteam aan. Ben jij een handige Harry met ervaring in het aansturen van een team? Solliciteer dan direct en join the Crea-Tech force. Stuur je CV en motivatiebrief naar sollicitatie@crea-tech.nl t.a.v. Henk Peek.

Service Specialist

Als Service Specialist zorg jij ervoor dat onze klanten een goede service ontvangen. Je bent in staat zelfstandig storingen op te lossen en eenvoudige tot complexe installaties te onderhouden. Hierbij maak je gebruik van je kennis over PLC’s, zodat je ook softwarematige storingen kunt verhelpen. Je gaat naar diverse klanten op verschillende locaties, waar je te maken krijgt met een breed scala aan installaties. Geen dag is dus hetzelfde en je hebt de mogelijkheid om veel te leren. Daarnaast ben je ook op kantoor te vinden om het werk voor te bereiden, zodat je op locatie aan de slag kunt. Heb jij een mbo-diploma in derichting van elektrobesturing of mechatronica? Heb je ervaring met Omron PLC's, Office en ERP, ben je bereid storingsdiensten te draaien en heb je je rijbewijs B? Heb je bovendien enkele jaren werkervaring, bij voorkeur met het werken met schakelkasten? Solliciteer dan direct en join the Crea-Tech force. Stuur je CV en motivatiebrief naar sollicitatie@crea-tech.nl t.a.v. Henk Peek


Effective and timely feedback is a critical component of a successful collaboration.

CreaTech is important for the horticulture, as there are only a few companies prepared to take on new technical developments within our branch. CreaTech has become an important discussion partner for Spisa in improving technical solutions and productivity. The future winners are the companies that will embrace new developments in a focused manor to increase yield and reduce man hours. For us is CreaTech a partner in this evolution.


Ulf Jönnson

Head of Development
Spisa Group

Thanks to the Crea-Tech system, we can now expand our company by 70%. The number of sortings has gone from two to 10 and the capacity has almost doubled. In addition, the system works virtually unmanned, which allows me to produce industrially while my employees can do more meaningful work. Crea-Tech proves to be a pioneer in innovative solutions, delivers advanced techniques of high quality that are save, easy to operate and future-proof.


Björn Bunnik

Bunnik Vriesia's

As one of the world's biggest Lavender nurseries, we always need to act in the frontline and therefore innovation became a second nature. This aim for continuous improvement brought us seven years ago to Crea-Tech International. When we have a technical challenge, we contact Crea-Tech and share our ideas. We love the industrial quality and prompt service and the unique strength of Crea-Tech International is that they always deliver creative solutions.


Paul van der Salm

Kwekerij Salm Boskoop

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